Principals Of Music Education


Principals of Music Education has so many wonderful aspects to learn and grow from. The class is focused on the many ideas and concepts that music educators have to think about everyday. While talking about the 1994 and 2004 National Music Education Standards, our teacher of the class, gave the assignment of performing a cover song with small random instrumental groups.

We incorporated and discussed some of the various aspects given by the National Standards. A challenge we had was figuring out a song that we all knew! believe it or not. Some of the standards we incorporated was the use of technology (drone from Iphone tuner), improvisations, instrumentation, format, and form.

And to add the assignment time limit was approximately 15 mins. Our group spent 10 of those discussing song choices.

Here is our performance!


Here is a snip-it of a sample lesson for Principal’s of Music Education








The main focus of these journals is to see the progress in myself over the semester. I was given the task of writing 3 journals with the concept to see my growth of a music educator.  The prompt for the assignment was as follows.”

This particular journal topic will be ongoing (3 installments) throughout the semester. The objective is to see your answers evolve over the course of the term. As you construct your response, consider the following:                                                   -Your past experiences as a student in music                                

 -Your “Personal Journey” (Take Action assginments from Ch 1) project (past, present and ideas for your future)                      

            As we will find out in class, our own beliefs, past experiences and how we view good teaching will go a long way in informing what we know and learn about our chosen profession.”


Journal #1

Journal #2


The task was to create a metaphor for teaching. The teacher in the classroom does much more than just teach, they act as the mediator between students, the collaborator on projects, and the foreman for putting students into small groups. I chose the metaphor for teaching is a construction site. Journal #3 has a great underlying message about how the many “hats” that the teacher wears. As well as the responsibilities that the students have.

Journal #3 (Teaching is a Metaphor)


For my musical background project, this originally was a PowerPoint digital presentation, and most of the presentation was an oral presentation. The slides are now just more of a digital presence to show that my musical “jeans” go back to 1921!

My Music Background/ Musical Journey


Overview of PME – PME Toolbox





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