About Me


My name is Sam Cooperman. I am currently a student at the Crane School of Music at The State University of Potsdam. I am pursuing a degree in Music Education with a concentration in violin studies and studying with Distinguished Professor John Lindsey. I have been studying the violin for 8 years.  Where can I even start the list of reasons I love to teach?! I love teaching because of the ‘light bulb’ experiences. These ‘light bulb’ experiences along with seeing growth AND applying it, is the greatest joy for me.


I love the violin. Ever since I was young I loved hearing the sounds of the orchestra. The grand crescendo’s and full sound really excited[s] me. I have a love for teaching. In my years leading up to my decision to go to The Crane School of Music, I had discovered that I had an eavesdropping ear. I always like to help and identify the problems that any one was having. During my high school years, I always took the time out of a violin sectional to generally address issues that students were having and then associating them with ‘real’ world examples. For example, when I had saw my colleagues struggling to keep the bow at a consistent sounding point between the bridge and fingerboard, I had identified the problem being that they were not holding their instruments properly. With a simple diagram I had found, I defined the problem that the students were having, brainstormed solutions with them, applied possible solutions,found the best and most comfortable one by implementing it, and reviewing and finding ways to remember and practicing it. ~When I found this process to work with my colleagues in high school, I had also learned how to become a teacher. What I mean by learning to be a teacher is clear speaking, appropriate vocabulary, listening, and by confirming with my students (colleagues) that they understand by asking comprehensive questions. I love teaching because of the opportunity to pass on my musicianship, and experiences because I am a musician. I think I am a great teacher because of my empathetic nature. I have to thank all of my amazing teachers, mentors, family and fellow musicians for giving me all of my amazing experiences to learn and grow.

If I had any advice it would be

Time practicing smart is BETTER than practicing for longer

Break the problem down to the basics

Always be Prepared

Always be Reliable

Always be Respectful




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